About Death of Color

Derrick Smith is a self-taught traditional artist, specializing in oil on canvas for portraits, landscapes, and a variety of concepts both of his own imagination, as well as from pop culture.  Residing just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Derrick creates in his home studio, a space he has truly made his own.

Painting since 2006, Derrick’s style is rather unique; his paintings are mostly grayscale with elements of color dripping from his subjects, hence the moniker he has been using since beginning his career: “Death of Color.”  Over the years, his technique has flourished and evolved into something truly exceptional.

The “Death of Color Studio” booth can be found at various conventions in Pittsburgh and other cities such as Cleveland, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  If you spot the booth, please feel free to stop and chat with Derrick or any member of the “Death of Color” team.  Original canvases, as well as prints of many of Derrick’s pieces, are available for purchase at the booth.  Prints are also available for purchase via the “Death of Color” Etsy store.